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Henry de Roos - Ministering in Toronto and Southern Ontario

de Roos Family

Henry de Roos has been a missionary evangelist with OAC Canada since 1996 and been their Canadian Director since 2004. He and his wife Kara have been blessed with 8 children. They have their oldest 2 married to wonderful Christian spouses and have found out that they will be first time grandparents in 2015!

Henry has had the privilege of getting 2 degrees in Science from the University of Guelph (BSc,MSc) as well as a degree in Education (B.Ed) from the University of Western Ontario. He has worked in Biochemical Research for a pharmaceutical company for 1 yr and taught High School Chemistry for 6yrs.

Henry was raised on a farm near Winchester, Ontario to wonderful Dutch immigrant parents who were dedicated in regular weekly church attendance. While certainly appreciative for the Bible stories taught, this predominately Dutch culture church focussed primarily on the wrath of God, observance of the 10 commandments, with little to no mention of the Grace of God, personal forgiveness, missions or evangelism. It was in his first year of university in 1983,that the lights went on, when he attended a free showing of the 'Jesus" film, which caused him to make a decision to ask Jesus to forgive his sin and come into his life to be his Lord and Savior. He has never regretted making that decision to pray and ask the Lord Jesus to save him. In fact his passion has increased over the years to see others make that same faith commitment. His desire is for others to be involved in evangelism and missions too.

Henry’s ministry has always been multi-faceted. He is involved with the following:

  1. Regular weekly outdoor outreaches…..reaching the masses and new immigrants in the parks, and tourist areas with creative preaching with an art easel. In addition, he and his volunteers give testimonies, singing, short Gospel dramas, one-on-one counselling, and Bible/literature distribution.
  2. Evangelism training (personal and for the whole church)
  3. Children’s ministries (vbs, Awana kick off programs)
  4. Regular and Special church evangelistic community events
  5. Apologetic seminars
  6. Ministry outreach to the Amish communities .
  7. Creation to Christ seminars for churches and public high school world religion classes.

If you'd like to know more or want to be encouraged in your personal faith walk or look for growth opportunities as a church, please contact Henry directly at 519 528-3226 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.